Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses

Well, its Sunday morning and already up working on my blog like crazy. I just got face book create doesn't have its own URL yet but if you go and visit and like it that would help. Miss Kates Facebook  Thanks

Sometimes I have to stop myself because I can get all caught up in what I am doing and forget the little things in life which make it so much better. So, I stopped to take a break with my favorite chocolate turtle coffee and sat out in my garden. Its raining here in Vancouver/Portland, Oregon area and the temp is 64, which for most of the country I know that's crazy but that's one of the reason I love it up here.

Just sitting listening to the birds, watching the butterfly's, and looking at the roses it give you a totally different perspective on life. I believe that is what a garden does for you, its a place to escape and relax. So, take a 10 minutes break to walk to garden today and just relax and get away. Enjoy !

Let me know if it helped,


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