Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Childhood Memories Through Food

How cooking brings back your childhood memories.

When we cook in our kitchen with one of our grandmother’s recipes, it sometimes seems as though we are right there sitting down with our childhood memories. How the smell of maple syrup, or biscuits evoke powerful memories. What recipe does that for you?

The place I remember the most is the kitchen in my Grandmothers home. I remember walking through the swinging door, the large grey table in the center of the kitchen where all the preparing went on, the large yellow clay bowls to mix in, and my favorite thing of all was the large white gas stove. The stove had a gas broiler on the top, where in the morning we made cinnamon toast, I loved to what the lid lower down with the flames until the toast was ready. What do you remember?

My Grandmother’s southern cooking comes from a collection of southern recipes that span over 8 decades. Many recipes collected from great southern women of Mississippi at bridge games, garden clubs, and social events. They have been past down through generation to share.  I will share these recipes with you.

Let me know what southern recipe you would like to try I can start with that one. Share something about your childhood memories of things your grandmother made for you.

Have fun cooking,

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