Friday, July 15, 2011

At The Table

So, this is really my first post on my At The Table blog. I am excited to share and look forward to any ideas you guys have to make things better along the way.

I strongly believe if it were not for my Grandmother, Mother, and Aunt Betty's kitchen table that my childhood would have been a sad and lonely place. I got so much joy from sitting there and learned so much about the roots of my family and our heritage it help shape the person I have become today.

I found this article which I think Building Bonds at the Kitchen Table its a great article let me know what you think.


Kaya Singer said...

Good article! I love your new blog and look forward to reading it each week.

In my family our kitchen table was round and in a nook. We each had our places at the table and the conversation was a bit chaotic with four kids. My dad and brother bantered about baseball stats and my sister and I complained about the food but we all were there every night. I remember once I had the flu and was too feverish to sit at the table and I heard them all chattering from my pace on the couch and felt left out.

My my son was growing up we always lit a candle before dinner and sometimes has a song. It was a special time. Now that its just my husband and I we often play rummy and cribbage while eating at the table. Some people think it's weird but it is a fun way to relate to each other at the end of the day and better than both of us reading!

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