Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bayou Sausage Royale

This  recipe  comes  from the Bayou  Cookbook,  Oak-lawn Manor, Franklin, Louisiana. Bayou . The owner Thomas  J  Holmes wrote the cookbook in 1969. The home Oak-lawn Manor  built in 1837 and sits on 35 acres. This recipe  is a traditional creole recipe inspired by the heritage of bayou. Just like the house it is rich in taste and flavor of the sausage and the rice is remarkable.   
Oak Manor 1837
Bayou Sausage Royale
adapted recipe and photos by Miss Kate's Cookbook
original recipe by Bayou Cook book  1969

  •  1/2  lb  good  smoke  sausage,  cut  in  1/2  inch  thick  rounds  ( you  can  use  any  sausage  you  like)
  •   1  small  onion,  chopped
  •   1  small  bell  pepper,  chopped  (I  used  a  orange  bell  pepper)
  •   1  stalk  celery,  chopped
  •   1  cup  of  raw  rice
  •   1  tsp.  salt
  •   2  cups  water
 Fry  sausage  rounds,  in  own  fat,  over  low  heat,  until  slightly  browned. Drain  sausage  on  paper  towels.  Pour  all  fat  from  sausage  from  saucepan  except  3  tablespoons.  Saute'  onion,  celery,  bell pepper in  same  pan  until  wilted, not  brown.  Add  2  cups water  and  one teaspoon  of  salt.  Bring  to  a boil  and  cook  for  two  minutes.  Remove  from  fire, add  sausage  and  raw  rice.  Now  pour  all into  a  greased  casserole  with a  tight  lid,  cover  and  bake at  350F   for 45  minutes.
Bon  Appetite !

Click here for a printable version of this recipe - Miss Kate's Cookbook

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