Monday, August 22, 2011

New South Chilled String Beans

I remember the summers at my Grandmothers house in Mississippi. Lily was our cook and I remember her sitting on the back porch snapping string beans. She would tell me stories of her Grandparents who lived back during the civil war.  Her stories memorized me of how it was back then and all the time she was snapping the string beans. Its funny the simple things you remember

New South Chilled String Beans
Adapted Recipe and photos by Miss Kate's Cookbook
Original Recipe by Ambrosia Cookbook by The Junior Auxiliary of Vicksburg 

  •  1  cup  pecans,  coarsely  chopped
  •  3/4  cup  of  olive  oil
  •  1/4  cup  of white  wine  vinegar
  •  1  tablespoon  fresh,  chopped  rosemary
  •  2  to  3  cloves  of  garlic,  minced
  •  1/2  teaspoon  of   salt
  •  1/4  teaspoon   of  black pepper
  •  1  1/2  pounds  of  fresh  string  beans
  •  1   small  purple  onion,  thinly  sliced
  •  1  ( 4 - ounce )  package  tomato - basil  feta  cheese 

Preheat  oven  to  350 F.  Places  pecans  in  single  layer  on  a  cookie  sheet  and  toast  for  5  to  8  minutes.  Set  aside .

Combine  oil,  vinegar,  rosemary,  garlic,  salt,  and  pepper  in  a large  bowl.  Set  aside.

Cut   or  snap  green  beans  into  thirds  and  cook  in  boiling  water  until  crisp - tender,  about  20  minutes.  Drain  and  rinse  in   cold  water  to  stop  the  cooking  process.  Spread  on  paper  towels  to  absorb  excess  water.

Add  beans,  pecans,  onion,  and  cheese  to  the  large  bowl and  toss  with  vinaigrette.

Cover  and   Chill .  Yield:  8  servings

Bon Appetite !  

Click here for a printable version of this recipeMiss Kate's Cookbook

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